Job Boards and Google Search

Job searching and job hunting is a huge problem, needs a solution.

Google had noticed it and also joined into the world of job seeking. Google is now featuring job postings in the search results.

For example, in the search bar simply search for “jobs near me”, and you will find various job offerings from employers around you.

Another use of Google to aid with your job search is getting to job boards.

Also Job boards, are an important tool in our toolbox. They are still quite eminent, however, as employers today use more their own websites and as there are more job-aggregator websites that have made those job openings even more accessible, the simple job boards are possibly not as efficient as they were in the past. Search for niche boards that are free of charge, websites like for IT, and for non-profits

Today, job boards don’t seem to be as effective as they once were for employers looking for good candidates, since a lot of people tend to submit applications for almost every job opening they come across, regardless of whether they meet the qualifications or nor. This leads to about 200-300 applicants for every job posting, with about 50% satisfying the criteria for the job.

From the reasons above, if you decide applying for a job posting you found on  a job board, it is extremely important that you will use the tips on other pages and especially the step by step job search playbook, since you must appear as professional and possible to separate yourself from the herd.


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