Let people know you’re available

  1. Create a strong network. Your network can tremendously increase your publicity and provide a link to other networks as well. LinkedIn helps connect you with individuals you know by providing import tools to bring your contacts from websites like your email account and others.
  2. Do a research on the companies you’re aiming for and use LinkedIn to look at their news and business development. LinkedIn allows you to simply locate and follow not only people, but also companies. It will be helpful to create a shortlist of the companies you’re interested in and to make sure you are following them on LinkedIn. This will keep you updated about firms latest news and be notified as new positions become available.
  3. Make sure the world knows you’re available. If at all possible, make an announcement that you’re seeking for your next job. Utilize your headline to make that announcement. For instance, “Writer searching for businesses in need of a friendly ghost (or ghostwriter)” and “Petroleum engineer geared up to strike oil and make you wealthy” are more probable to attract a recruiter or hiring manager’s attention.

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