More ways of finding a job

Few other ways of finding new jobs can be a bit out of the mainstream, sometimes by using a unique source you can get an advantage, though quite rare, you can find yourself finding some job opportunities that the employer didn’t promote as well as he should have, in those cases you may find a unique job offerings in which the the number of applications won’t be too high and thus increasing your chances.

Job Fairs

Job fairs may be are one of those cases. Job fairs are popular in companies that want to find new graduates. In order to maximize such job fair, and find a proper job, we have a few tips and advices:

  • Do some research on the companies the participate on the job fair, you should know ahead who which of the companies you want to work for, an of course, make a resume that is built exactly to the specific company and position, as well as cover letter. Make sure you talk with the relevant company representatives, try to be nice to them, tell them that you’d love working with them, and ask if they can suggest anything else you can do to increase your chances.
  • Print ahead your business card. Make sure you put there all your communication details, including website if you have, linked-in account, mail, cell phone etc. If you work in more a creative domain, it is accustomed to have also a portfolio and samples of your work. It is better to have both hard copy and online samples of your work.
  • Make sure you are appropriately dressed, not too much and not underdressed.
  • Be prepared with your own questions to the company recruiters. This will make you look prepared and stand out of the crowd. Being remembered is one of the best things you can do to increase your chances of employment.
  • Come with a well prepared with a well built pitch. It’ll help you have a good first impression. Make sure you don’t do it too artificially and yet saying the things that will make them remember you. Introduce yourself, be communicative and confidant.
  • Follow up – be sure to follow up with the recruiters. Like in any aspect of life things can fall due to lack of attention. Make sure to write for yourself who are the companies you want to follow up. Connect with the company representatives on linkedin and send them a thank you message or an email.

Company’s Official Website

Sometimes you already have in mind a few companies you want to work for. This can be a good job seeking technique. In this case check the companies official websites, often the post there their new openings. You can also find the recruters of HR manager try to connect and ask for some information, tell them what you are looking for and ask if it’s OK if you’ll follow up in the future. Being remembered by the HR can help a lot in the future if they have the right job opening for you.

You should also go to linkedin, see if you know someone who works there. Many times they will be thrilled passing on your resume because they sometimes get a bonus for bringing new workers.

Remember that you can find out about HR and other contacts in the company in the website as well as on linkedin.

More online platform and career seeking sites

There are few ways to use those platforms, one is just typing the position and the area and google will show you where there are such job offers.

Second way is to go to the relevant job recruiting platforms, you should definitely get to know the biggest ones: Glassdoor, Indeed, ZipRecruiter are the more popular ones. These sites aggregate many jobs from many sites online and offer advanced search tools to find your way through all the data. Usually you’ll need you tweak a bit the search words in order to find all the relevant job positions

Google also have a platform for finding jobs, typing the right keywords on the google search bar will take you there.

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