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Some say that recruiters may be considered the “traffic cops” in the procedure of recruitment and hiring. They can either make or break your success in your job search, and various different types of recruiters in the job seeking market. It is necessary to bear in mind is that recruiters are getting paid by the employers, and not by those who are looking for jobs. So you better understand that not always your best interest is also theirs.

That being said, you can work with several recruiters, since the earn money only if the succeed in matching a company with the job seeker. So a common practice is to find relevant recruiters to your job seeking domain, and let them work for you. Make sure you are not signing any exclusivity, and so all your options are still open, and if the recruiter is doing his job well, it can be a great way of finding your dream job.

Also, sometimes when working with a recruiter you can learn more about the company and the employer, since the recruiter knows them usually for some time.

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