Understand your desires and go after them

Understand what you really want

Don’t start your job seeking process before you take some time to yourself, go through your strengths, understand your weaknesses, figure out what kind of work will make you happy. Knowing your wants, will help you get the right job for you, the one that will fit you best and that will bring you joy for the long run. So ask your self, what do you expect from your day job? What is the most important aspect? Is it the title? salary? Promotion possibilities?  The actual work day to day? Maybe it’s the location, or the culture of the team and the company?


Research your target companies

After you realize what you seek in a job, it’s time to discover what the work places you’re want to apply to. A fantastic suggestion for finding your dream job is to do some research on the firm. You can do it by looking at the firm page on Glassdoor or Linkedin.

Looking in those pages, you can get the hang of the culture of the firm, you may understand what kind of question they typically ask in job interviews, and perhaps even understand how much you’re likely to earn.


Different job – different resume

During our job seeking process, resume is still an important tool on our tool box. An important tip for getting your dream job position is to build a resume that is more achievement-based resume, this kind of resume features achievements that can be measured and are to the specific relevant job.

Make it clear that you are the best fit for the job. Analyze the job description pay attention to every word and phrase. Ensure you incorporate the same phrases and buzz words in your own resume (if you have the expertise) the idea is that employers many time scan fast the resume, and look for words they want, this hack will help you make sure they understand you can be a good fit. For this reason you need to create a different version of your resume to each job application, this way the recruiter will have a quick look at your application and will understand right away that you have the skills they requested.


Brand yourself

When we say you should build your own brand, we simply mean that you should present your skills, experience and enthusiasm also online, in a place where recruiters search and where that can find you and your “brand”. Many recruiters, make use of social media, especially LinkedIn as their main tool when looking for potential employees. So you should be expecting that and learn how to use LinkedIn to maximize it to your advantage.

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Not only you may be discovered there by the recruiter, also after you apply for the job, the recruiter will do some research on you, and you want him to find a good version of you, one that you created and built and control (and not some random things that appear when you write your name on google)

Next step – Taking action and getting your dream job

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