Use the Advanced Search

8. Use the Advanced Search. Make use of LinkedIn’s Advanced Search option and do research on your preferred companies. Determine who of your connections are associated with Gone Bananas and make a list. You can communicate with these individuals based on their affiliation with the company. If they’re employees, you can ask about the company culture and how it is to work for them. If they are a client or service provider, you can ask about their experience in doing business with them. Be innovative and enjoy doing your research so you can figure out how to best approach the company for a job when you’re all set.

9. Ask for an introduction. When you’re prepared to reach out to Gone Bananas, you can ask your connection(s) to make an introduce you to anyone they’re associated with within the company.

10. Search for alumni associated with your college or university. Searching for your college or university is an excellent technique to reach out to an alumni who went to the same school as you. You can communicate with them and share this common interest to help you get a job.
Entrepreneur, trainer, speaker, consultant, and author, has been “assisting individuals, organizations, and teams increase their efficiency and results by modifying the way they envision social media and business.” When I asked her what advice she offers to help others take full advantage of LinkedIn, utilizing your alumni network was key. “I would recommend that one of the most effective, simplest ways to utilize the power of LinkedIn is through using the Alumni tool. Firstly, you must join [or follow] your alumni college and then search for past alumni at companies you are interested in,” she discussed, “You also can enter any college and search to figure out the number of degrees of separation you may be from alumni at any school.”

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