Job Finding Course – introduction

In this course we’re going to help you find a job, on of the main tools for that is LinkedIn, but not only. You will learn how to hunt and get your dream job,  have the right CV, prepare well for an interview, and more.

Here are some of the most effective tips for finding a new job at any career level:

Why should you consider using LinkedIn for your job search?

It’s obvious that LinkedIn is the leading professional social networking site with about 150 millions of users in the united states alone, and reaching more than two hundred countries and worldwide. almost ninety percent of the recruiters use LinkedIn when looking for potential job candidates.

As a professional or student, it’s a prominent place to build connections, to form a network and search for job opportunities.

The problem is that if you’re only revamping your profile every once in a while, you’re not completely maximizing the advantage that LinkedIn can create for you, including taking to the minimum the hours you spend on the job search and your effectiveness. In this mini-course there are some strategic tips on how you can utilize LinkedIn to its fullest to broaden your professional network and get your next dream  job.

LinkedIn’s CEO noted the following three tips to take full advantage of the potential of your LinkedIn profile:

  • Make sure you maintain an updated profile.
  • Go into details about your skills and goals.
  • Emphasize your latest experience.

One of the most crucial things about a candidate’s profile that helps to utilize the platform to its full potential is “genuineness”. Be real and genuine, stand for and embody who you truly are. Obviously it’s not only about your experiences, your LinkedIn profile  is not a resume, the profile allows you to haves a more active approach to displaying your skills, know-hows, your goals, your past positions and what you desire and passionate about, especially in the  professional context. It’s not just about being comprehensive, it’s also about the quality of the data and the details. The more detailed and new it is, the more recent that that information has been updated, you are more likely to have more opportunities and viability in the eyes of employers, future business partners etc.

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