Be more than a wallflower

13. Learn about the future bosses . Prior to showing up for an interview, always make use of LinkedIn, look for the executives as well as the direct boss and, of course, find the person that is going to interview you. Find things you have in common, learn their likes, the pages they are following, past job experience, their interests, and more. Use this information to your advantage while you’re in the interview to establish rapor, create a stronger connection and demonstrate that you’ve came prepared and done your researching about the company and its people.

14. Networking is relevant not only at 8ap – 5pm. In accordance to one of the biggest blogs, statistics reveal that only a small percentage (about 8%) of Americans are using LinkedIn within the working hours in comparison to other social network sites, like Facebook (with nearly one third of people using the platform during working hours), suggesting that you would possibly get more engagements and publicity if you have a status update, networking, and interacting with other people and firms after the regular work hours. Try to test this in different hours to find out what gives the best results in obtaining traction and engagement.


11. Don’t be just a follower. Make sure you are an active member on LinkedIn. Be genuine and current. Publish any articles you’ve written, if you have relevant videos you can post them as well, and so forth, as updates. Participate in groups and communicate with other people through the platform. Being engaged and posting regulatory as a professional, will increase your chances to be discoverable, get recognition and rapor.

12. Participate Professional Groups in LinkedIn . Use Linkedin Advanced Search to uncover professional groups around you and participate in it. Taking part in groups will help broaden your network, demonstrate your professional knowledge (when engaging in online discussions and answering some questions that people ask and even when raising discussions on your own), and potentially associate you with the companies you hope in which you want to work. When looking into groups, make sure you join the ones that have some recent updates and live activity. If not, you would just be trying to get attention in groups that no one really looks at, and this is a bad investment of your time of course.

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