Prepare yourself for the process, and to the job interview

Be kind to yourself

Searching for a job can be nerve-racking. So, take some time to meditate, exercise, watch a movie or whatever it is that allows you unwind. Build a good support network– having people to conceptualize with or vent your frustrations to will make the process be less painful.


Develop examples and stories that showcase your skills

This is one of the primary tips for getting a new job. People remember stories, so your objective should be creating a set of interview stories you can utilize in networking meetings or job interviews that accurately demonstrate your skills, achievements, and passion for your work. Be memorable! Making use of stories may also help you feel more relaxed talking about yourself.


Prepare for all job interviews

Before you get called for your first interview, create responses for typical interview questions, and then exercise them– ideally using the mock-interviewing technique with a friend, network contact, or interview coach. The more prepared you are for the interview, the more comfortable you’ll be– and the more likely you’ll do well.


Write thank-you notes after interviews to all interviewers

A quick note (through email is okay) of gratitude that emphasizes your interest and fit with the job and employer will not get you the job offer, but it will help make you stick out from the majority of jobseekers who do not bother with this simple graceful gesture.


Follow up after the interview

Your work is over once the interview is finished or the thank-you note sent. Following up with the hiring manager regularly shows your interest and enthusiasm for the job. The key is doing so in a manner that is professional while not making you sound annoying or desperate.

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Job search may take longer than you may think initially

You can wish to have a new job within a short period, but the probable reality is that it might take months to find the right opportunity and get offered the position. You should mentally get yourself ready for a long battle– and then you can be happily surprised if you are one of the fortunate few whose job search is short.

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