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What wasn’t already said about social media? in the last 10 years it transformed so many aspects in our lives, job seeking is one of them. Social media can include facebook, twitter, instagram, and many others. althogh not all social medias are relevant when it comes to professional job seeking, it always can be a good way to let the world know that your are hunting for the next dream job.

Social media is an effective way to connect with a job. However, if not done properly or done without concern for your online presence, social media can make you lose opportunities, too. But, neglecting social media, specifically LinkedIn, is not optional for most professions and locations.

Establish “social proof” about who you are, your knowledge, and your expertise through social media. A powerful social proof can possibly help you get your next job, without making so much effort and spending a lot of time on applications.

On top of LinkedIn, job postings are accessible all throughout Facebook and Twitter. A lot of employers have Facebook pages for both marketing and, usually, also for looking for potential candidates. Employers are posting jobs on Facebook more and more.

In Twitter, follow your preferred employers’ Twitter accounts for updates and find a Twitter account for jobs, too.

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